Hello and welcome to the Oh Penelope Photography Blog! I'm Caitlin Trantham, the lady behind the lens. Here you'll find pictures from recent sessions, fun contests and giveaways- as well as my own personal musings on life as a mother of two, military wife and photographer! I am currently located in Saint Louis, Mo- enjoying the midwestern lifestyle ;)

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Hello all! The Oh Penelope Photography Blog is FINALLY here. It's been a long time coming :) The Holidays are fast approaching and everything has been super busy around these parts. Trying to get Oh Penelope settled and set up while juggling our cross country move, my Husbands homecoming, a toddler, a new puppy and now, the Holidays has been a challenge- to say the least! Whew! Even while I'm writing this I should be packing and cleaning and getting ready to hop on a plane to Maryland. But, at this moment in time blogging takes precedence! You, the readers, are my main objective ;)

I'm working on lots of new things for Oh Penelope, and I feel like I'm headed in a super positive direction. I'm also working on some awesome new things for my clients :) My Holiday gift to you is on it's way here shortly, I'm just working on getting all the kinks out. It will be great, double pinky promise!

Since, amidst all the chaos, I haven't had many shoots to update you with- I'll leave you with some snapshots of my little miss at the park. Hope you all have a fabulous day, and I will be back later this week with your holiday gift! Woohoo!


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