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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dear Santa....

I've been obsessing over something ever since we went to Las Vegas a few weeks ago. We were out shopping around and a window display literally sucked me into a store, and had a super hypnotic, vintage, hipster hold on me.

As a modern photographer, I've only ever used a digital format. Not counting of course childhood 'sposie cams, and the occasional tryst with a Polaroid. So, the idea of an actual film camera is super exciting to me. Sounds silly, huh? But... take a look at this little cutie!

and this one...

How could you not fall in love with their adorable vintage charm!?

Urban Outfitters in Vegas had an entire wall of gorgeous little toy cameras. Holgas, and Diana's of all sizes and colors. The intrigue of film and imperfection is calling to me! We spend so much time as photographers trying to make every image perfect. Trying for tack sharp focus, spot on exposure and changing settings for every shot- then getting sucked into post processing. It's all fun of course, or we wouldn't be doing it. BUT, the allure of 'shooting from the hip' and not giving a flying H about any of that stuff sounds like a blast. Not knowing what you've captured until it's developed and having no real control on how your images will come out- Haha, it's like living on the edge- photog style ;)

So, anyway- instead of lusting for a new lens or flash this year, I'm asking Santa for a glorious little film camera. I feel like I need a step away from the serious side of photography and to reconnect to the art of it all- the crazy, silly, unpredictable- art.


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