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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Welcome to Oh Penelope's 2nd Annual Share The Love extravaganza! (Hey, we had it before all those, ahem... car commercials started popping up...)

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and there is no better way to celebrate than to share the love. I’m helping my friends and clients get in to the spirit by giving out free custom Valentine’s Day E-Cards. First please become a fan of Oh Penelope Photography on Facebook (The link is at the bottom of the post). This is the only way you will be able to participate! Below are several e-card designs to choose from. Pick your fav and e-mail me (ohpenelopephotog@hotmail.com) with the following information:


ATTACHED: The picture you wish to use.

1. The number of the card you have selected. (Card numbers are ABOVE each image!)

2. Names to be included on card

3. Name of the person who took your photo.

On February 8th, I’ll post all the finished cards on my Facebook fanpage. Then you can share the love by tagging yourself so it posts to your wall for all your friends and family to see. (Alternatively, you can also tag other friends/family members that you’d like to “send” your Valentine too!) As an added treat, you can download your card from Facebook and even print it as a keepsake. Easy!

Oh, and there’s a PRIZE too! This love fest just keeps on going ;) After the cards are posted the fan with the most “likes” will win a $25 gift certificate to Photojojo (one of my FAV shops!). Awesome, right? So spread the word, get your card and make sure all your friends get one too! (P.S: Anyone can receive a free e-card, no matter what your location is, No distance discrimination here! :)







Now on to the disclaimers….

*Once the e-cards are posted please DO NOT copy and save your image, and then upload it to your Facebook directly. It really benefits me and my business to have you tag yourself in my album. This is about SHARING love not STEALING it ;) When  the promotion is over you can then use your downloaded copy as you please, but a little credit is always nice.

*If your photo was taken by another photographer PLEASE let me know who, so that they can receive the credit they deserve.

*I may only take a certain amount of entries, depending on the response and how many cards I can realistically manage. So, get your submission in ASAP!)

Thanks so much everyone, and I hope you all enjoy your Valentine’s Day freebies!


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