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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday!

I borrowed this idea from another photographer, and thought it’d be a great way for ya’ll to get to know more about me, my family and my life as a Marine Wife, Mom and Photographer!

1. Spring needs to come ASAP. I can’t complain too much, being that we live in the Southern California desert, but seriously- 70 + please. I am so spoiled by the warm weather, I’m super afraid that we are going to get stationed someplace FRIGID this time around. Ahhh, please noooo!

2. I miss photography on the east coast something fierce. I started my business in Maryland and met the BEST clients ever there, and had the luxury of a ton of beautiful locations. I got to shoot in Annapolis, Baltimore, the National Cathedral in Washington DC, and my most favourite place of all Williamsburg, VA. Fields, forests, history, the ocean- doesn’t get much better! Haha, in Twentynine Palms we have like 3 choices: Desert, desert with some palm trees or… grass- from the golf course. Such a bummer!

3. I desperately want to start shooting film, and I’m still lusting over those of these groovy toy cameras. I recently became obsessed with Jonathan Canlas, and his Film is Not Dead project. But to be honest, I don’t think I have enough patience for film, unless it only for fun!

4. My daughter is turning 2 in April, and I’m already fearing her portrait session. She will not sit still for anything and is ultra sassy these days. We are going to have to start practicing sitting and smiling, starting like… now. Lol She’s had a camera in her face for over a year now, and just completely ignores me when when I try to to take her picture. Let’s re-cap her 18 month photos-

Yeah, awesome.

5. My most used actions are by Paint The Moon and Florabella, although, the Mini Fusion set from MCP is pretty much perfect and my latest session is dominated by it! I’m an actions junkie, and I may need an intervention. Also, I’m a color pop addict. I admire really natural photography- but at this point, it just doesn’t fit my work. Color, contrast and depth are what I crave!

6. I love photography, but I never, ever considered it for a job. I kind of just fell into it, and I’m thankful everyday that IT found ME. I’ve always loved Photoshop and graphic design (started PS in 8th grade!), and oddly enough photography seemed to be the missing piece. Haha, totally backward.

7. Speaking of jobs, I’ve had several odd ones.
-I worked as a ride operator for an awesome amusement park. (I’ve operated everything from the carousel, to the bumper cars!)
-I was an infamous Hooters girl.
-Certified Yoga instructor.
-Oh, and a Magicians assistant. No, really.

I’ve been shot out of a cannon, locked in a cage with a live tiger, cut into pieces and stabbed through with swords. Try putting that on a resume.

8. My Husband is awesome, and supportive and pretty much a badass.

9. I’ve been waiting a loooong time to tell everyone #10

We are expecting baby #2 in August. We find out the sex this THURSDAY and I can not freakin wait.

And that has been this weeks edition of Ten on Tuesday! Until next week, keep calm and carry on ;)


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